Expunctions & Non-Disclosures

Are your past mistakes continuing to haunt you? Teenagers and young adults who make impulsive mistakes should not be plagued forever. If you have made amends and changed your ways, you may be able to obtain a record expunction or non-disclosure petition. At the law office of James Lee Bright, we help people obtain an expungement or non-disclosure that will clear their criminal record. If you want to learn how to clear or seal your criminal record, contact us at our Dallas, Texas, for a free initial consultation.

With the growing importance of background checks, almost anyone can have access to your criminal record. With such a simple investigation available to so many people, your criminal record may prevent you from gaining employment, housing or certain public benefits. One of the few things that you can do is to obtain a record sealing or a record expunction.

Record Expunctions

A record expunction is only available for certain types of individuals. Typically, this legal remedy is available only to people who were arrested but the case was never filed with the court or the statute of limitation lapsed. It is also available for people who were found not guilty by a judge or a jury. A record expunction will in effect completely erase your criminal record.


For people who have completed a deferred adjudication successfully, they may be eligible for a non-disclosure. A petition for non-disclosure is when you ask the government to seal your criminal record from the public. It is not as complete as an expunction because its still remains on your record.

If your past criminal record is plaguing you today, you should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer at the law firm of James Lee Bright for a free initial consultation.

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